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LED-Leuchte Aputure Light Storm 120D

Color temperature 6000 K. Power supply via 110-240 V power supply with additional V-mount battery plate. With Softbox Aputure Light Dome II

LED Litepanels Astra

105 W bi-color LED panel light, dimmable. Optionally with power supply or adapter for V-mount battery.

LED-Leuchten Aputure Amaran HR672S

Bi-color with battery and remote control.

LED-Kopflicht Aputure Amaran AL-F7

Bi-Color with battery and D-Tap connection cable for power supply via V-mount battery.

Blitzlicht Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Flash control E-TTL; E-TTL II; TTL. Guide number 58 at 105 mm focal length. Power supply 4 AA batteries.

Softbox / Diffusor SMDV Speedbox-60

Ø 60 cm for clip-on flashes, with tripod holder

Lampenstative Manfrotto 1004BAC-3

Load capacity 9 Kg
Minimum height 124 cm
Maximum height 366 cm

Reflektor California Sunbounce 190 cm x 130 cm

Zebra covering gold / silver, backside white

Faltreflektor Walimex Pro

Ø 107 cm

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